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Leaf Electrical has been installing quality solar panel systems in Canberra and the surrounding region for over 10 years. If you are wanting to know the cost of solar panels or what are the best solar panels or best solar inverters, then get in touch with us for an obligation free solar quote.

Leaf Electrical offers the following services:


Being brand agnostic means we are not tied to one particular manufacturer.  We will recommend the best system suited to your budget and your needs.


We can supply and install the best solar inverters and the best solar panel brands, like Fronius, SolarEdge, SMA, Sungrow, LG solar panels, Sunpower, REC, Winaico, Q Cells.


Our solar quotes show what the federal solar rebate is this year and next year as it reduces on the 1st January 2022. Helping you be more informed and maximise government support.


For solar power in Canberra choose Leaf Electrical, your Clean Energy Council / CEC accredited solar panel installer. 

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Maxed Out

Maxed Out
In one day This 22.77kW solar system produced 127.25kWh.
As like its name, we designed this system to utilise all available space on the East and West facing roofs. We showed our clients that by going bigger didn’t mean they had to pay that much more upfront and that it actually decreased the ROI and increased the annual Savings. A Win-Win.  
Get In touch today and find how much you could be making. 
Top Notch
28 x REC 370W Alpha Half-Cell Panels with Enphase Micros! 
There aren’t many products better than these and although it comes at an initial high cost, it’s the more sustainable option and will give better returns in the long run whilst holding its value. 
This is The Lamborghini of solar systems.  After 25 years these panels lose no more than 8% of their performance compared to the norm of 20%, which will see these panels still producing great returns after 40years+
370 Alphas paired with Enphase Micros & Enlightened give the best panel-level monitoring on the market.  Also there is added safety of MicroSystems – as AC cable from the Array is  safer than DC.  Our client will feel confident this system is always doing what it’s supposed to.
Get in touch. We’d love to show you different options to suit your needs. 

High Grade

High Grade
Installing Quality Products is Always the Best Option!
The payback on this 6.63kW SMA/Jinko combo won’t be as fast but over the lifetime of the system, it will be greater.
The panels come with a 30-year warranty which is the highest on the market to date.
Another pricepoint people overlook is that reputable brands hold their value. So if ever you sell your property, your solar will add to the value.

The Chalet

The Chalet
19.8kW PV – 20kW INV with Consumption Monitoring.
A personal favorites!!! 
This solar system was an absolute pleasure, and we took the time to get right. Unlike all their other options, we proposed upgrading their system from single to three-phase, which allowed us to add a bigger system that had an ROI 6 x higher then if we had stayed with the single-phase system.
Its worth to know the benefits of going as big as you can, as the return on investment is faster and much bigger!
The system monitoring is in the cloud and shows the owner real-time energy consumption and production, which helps to curb their habits to use electricity while the sun is shining. Also, it gives them year-round data to help them select the right size battery in the future.
But the best thing of all it shows them their Carbon Off-Set, which makes the world a better place!!!

The Shady Bee's Knees

The Shady Bee’s Knees

This big (20.1kW) Enphase MicroInverter PV Solar system has realtime cloud based panel-level monitoring.  It’s the best tech on the market today and is perfect for shady sites. or sites with a lot of different orientations or both. It is also handy for maintenance as you can pinpoint the fault by looking on the Enphase Enlightened Cloud.


The Invisible Rebate Maximiser

The Invisible Rebate Maximiser

 As with the name, this system is completely hidden as it is laid flat.
Now you may be asking “that’s a silly thing to do, look at all the dust build-up” and yes you’re partially right but there are benefits to laying flat rather than tilted.
Check out the break down below. 

1. Less Self-cleaning from rain. (panels need min 10-degree tilt) = Losses
2. The optimal tilt angle in ACT is 26degrees = Losses of ~$150pa. for this 10.7kW system
3. You cant see the panels from below. (Because Solar Panels are B.E.Autiful) 

1. Double the system size. (you can fit panels sided by side without having to space for shading issues caused by tilt framed Panels) = Profits
2. Double The Gov rebate. (the government rebate is based on the PV Array Power) = Profit
3. You cant see it from the ground (Because some people like stealth)

Another thing to take away from our Autumn-Collection, Is that the government rebate will drop again come 1st Jan 2021 and will be completely gone by 2030.  So be smart and get your fam and friends to use that government funding whilst at its highest. 


The Decision Maker

The Decision Maker

This 6.6kW JA/Goodwe Solar Package was just the right fit for our clients.
Looking from our satellite imagery program through the seasons, and upon visiting the site we determined that there would be looses due to shading. 
As we were working within a budget we found the best fit ROI for our clients was a string inverter without optimisers. We arranged the strings in such a way to minimise shading losses whilst meeting regulations.
We presented our ROI based on their consumption through the day / Current feed-in tariffs and shade losses. Their payback is set to be 3.5 years. After, it’s money in their back pockets, whilst reducing pollution!!!


The Sleeper

The Sleeper

It doesn’t look like much from the front, But Damn this system has some Power!!!
This (big) 21.4kW PV array with 20kW Fronius String inverter with production and consumption monitoring will provide plenty of energy until the sun goes down.
On their 15cent feed-in tariff, they will pay off their system in just over 3years and have ongoing min savings of $4500 per year! Pretty good for doing nothing! Also, the original purchase of the system adds to the house value when selling again. 🙂 There is no better Investment!!!
The west roof (with all the panels) was installed on a raked ceiling and beforehand in the Summer, the room below got so hot! Now the Solar Array will act as an added buffer to insulate the house.
Gotta love the old two birds with one stone trick. ;b


The Original

The Original

Great catching up with old clients to check-in. This Enphase Micro-Inverter 6.6kW with a full switchboard upgrade (cut-In) is still doing exactly what it should be. We were also engaged to organise the new electric heating and cooling split systems. Along with their electric car, this family puts sustainability first. Hats off to them!!!
Sign-Up with us and get a Free Solar Design and Recommendation specifically for your home with-in 24hrs! We look at worst case payback times, including shading losses, so you know exactly what the ROI of your system will be. We can also find great and honest finance options for you. 


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