Canberra Solar Panel Testing and Anti-Islanding PV Testing

Canberra Solar Panel Testing and Anti-Islanding PV Testing

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Leaf Electrical is fully qualified to test your solar system

Has Evoenergy contacted you about your 5 year anti-islanding PV test? Or would you like to get your solar panels tested, or your inverter tested?


If so, get in contact with us today to have a CEC accredited technician to perform a PV test on your inverter. We are a local Canberra business and are fully qualified. While we are there, we will also conduct other inverters tests to make sure there aren’t any problems with the system. If there are any problems with these tests, we are also your one stop shop to fix these solar problems.


The purpose of the inverter test is to ensure the safety of personnel who work on the Evoenergy network, such as powerlines and underground cables, and to the general public. The inverter must be tested at least once every five years to ensure that safety is not compromised.


Contact Leaf Electrical today and we will conduct an inverter compliance test within 7 days, weather permitting.


At this time, we also suggest a solar panel clean to maintain the efficiency of your system. Can’t soak up those beautiful rays of sunshine if you’re covered in dirt and grime.


Please get in touch and we will get in contact with you to book in your test.


To learn more about Leaf Electrical and our services please visit our main page.


We look forward to working with you.

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